Ice MileSwim Story



IISA GB’s Jonty Warneken, the first amputee to complete an international ice mile, and his team mates Ellie and Vanessa are attempting a charity ice mile swim this winter. Heres their story –


 Ellie – Jonty- Vanessa

Sanlam is proud to support CASCAID, the asset management industry’s initiative to raise more than £1 million for Cancer Research in 2017. The Sanlam Harrogate office have decided to support our group CEO Jonathan Polin who cycled 850 miles across the country  by making the biggest splash possible for an office of 3 people.


Therefore, we have decided to raise funds by swimming an ‘office ice mile’. This means between us we will swim a one mile open water swim, in water temperature of 5c or less, without the benefit of wearing wetsuits. I will swim the furthest as I find this sort of thing fun by swimming the first 1/2 mile and Vanessa and Ellie will swim the remaining distance between them.


Make no mistake, swimming in water temperatures this cold is a serious undertaking with significant dangers attached, and therefore not taken lightly. We will be using our weekends to train and will log our efforts here with a smattering of chill inducing photos!


We hope to complete the ice mile as soon as water temperatures drop below 5 degrees, hopefully early November.


Your support would be much appreciated – every little bit helps us to achieve our goal, your donation means you would be welcome to spectate the event itself and see us suffer, ahem – I mean joyfully embrace, the icy mile! If you would like to sponsor us please click the below link!


Many Thanks Jonty, Ellie & Vanessa