Frequently Asked Questions

We have added this page to answer some reoccurring questions and hopefully make your IISA GB event experience more enjoyable. We will update this page regularly as we receive more of your questions.


Q. Do I need medical insurance?

A. Not if you’re entering an event in the UK, If you’re competing abroad then yes.

Q. Which events do I need a medical and an ECG for?

A. You only need a medical and an ECG for the 1K and Ice Mile.

Q. Do I need to be an IISA Member to participate in IISA events?.

A. Yes, you can register for free as a cool member, upgrading to a cold and ice member as you complete your ice swimming journey.

Q. Will the event go ahead if the temperature is above 5º?

A. Yes it will but the times won’t be counted as an official record.