Ice Swimming dos and don’ts…

Cold water swimming has its dangers but swimming in any water does, what we would like to achieve is to make it accessible in a safe and controlled manner for all, rather than impossible for most.

To this end we have put together these common sense steps to keep you safe in cold water.

Never swim alone

Make sure you have permission to swim

Work out your entry and exit points in advance

Ideally have a clubhouse or recovery area that you can change and access warm drinks

Water safety is vital in extremely cold water,  we would always advise you access a club that has this facility if you’re training for any long distance Ice event.

Speak to cold water swimmers, Ice milers and winter swimmers, their experience may make your swim more enjoyable.

Invest in warm loose easily fastening clothing, lay this clothing out in reverse order so its ready to put back on when you’re cold.

If you are swimming in water with boat traffic be safe BE SEEN wear bright swim caps, black and white caps are a definite open water no no.


Do not rub your cold skin, dab dry with a soft towel

Avoid artificial heat, warm up from the inside out

Get a cup with a straw or a lid [trust us this recommendation is for your fellow swimmers safety]

Something to eat, CAKE works best