Ice Journeys

All Ice Swimming is Ice Swimming – that might sound obvious – but we believe that any swim in ‘ice conditions’ (under 5ºC), regardless of how long in time or distance, is still an Ice Swim.  For us, it is the Ice Journey that is really important – the story of an Ice Swimmers whole adventure in the ice, not just the ‘result’ of attaining the Ice Mile itself.  Some Ice Swimmers have become official Ice Milers on their first attempt, some have had multiple attempts, and some have yet to make the Ice Mile.  All are successful in our eyes, as Ice Mile Swimming is not a race or event, it is a journey…  This page is the gateway to their stories – we hope they will inspire, encourage and educate you – especially if you have started your Ice Mile journey already…
Donna Livingstone – 14th January 2017
Nicola Naunton – 23rd January 2016
David Coleman – 14th January 2017
Cerys Thomas – 10th February 2016
Campbell Watt – 7th January 2017
Jonty Warneken – 19th January 2014