Ice Swimming

The IISA GB board is comprised of experienced and dedicated Ice Swimmers who have learnt a lot about Ice Swimming, training and coaching for Ice Miles, and the recovery process.   As board members, we have worked with many elite endurance swimmers and through this work we have developed a clear, precise and safe programme for those determined to join the adventurous journey of Ice Swimming.

At IISA GB, we believe that Ice Mile Swimming is a journey, not a race.  We believe that anyone can join the journey and with a good sense of humour, a commitment to train, a determination to learn about themselves (and their body’s ability in cold water) and a willingness to keep trying when it gets tough!  All of these values are going to be required to be successful at Ice Swimming – wether you can swim for a mile in water under 5ºC or 100m in 10ºC.

This site has three aims… Firstly, to help you connect with the IISA GB team and be a portal to access information about the Ice Lions and all the IISA GB events coming up.

Secondly, to give you access to hear and read the stories of Ice Swimmers from Great Britain – those who have made a mile and those who haven’t… They all have one thing in common – they are all Ice Swimmers.  If you would like to read the blogs about our Ice Swimmers and their journey’s please check out our ICE JOURNEYS page

And thirdly, to give you some insights into how to plan, prepare and train for your Ice Swim. If you’re thinking about Ice Swimming why not check out our ICE TRAINING page

Ice Swimming is ratified by the International Ice Swimming Association, under the leadership of Ram Barkai.