To ensure that we make IISA GB events as safe as possible please take a few minutes to read the updated event policy. If you would like to hold an IISA GB event please contact an IISA GB board member in the first instance, we will be happy to help.


Requirements for an event to be approved by IISA GB

Any organisation can apply to the IISA GB Board for consideration of an Ice Swim event to be approved and ratified as an IISA event providing the following criteria is met and named documentation is provided no later than one calendar month prior to the event.

  • Request to be made on IISA standard form
  • Venue is within England, Scotland or Wales
  • Detailed and final copies of the following documents are submitted
    • Event Plan
    • Safety Plan
    • Risk Assessment
    • Event Insurance
  • Any potential event organiser must agree in writing to adhere to all the safety measures set out by IISA
  • An IISA Board Member attends the event and that his or her reasonable travelling expense and subsistence (accommodation & food) is provided in full. 

Previous track record of holding events, particularly ice swimming events, and feedback received to IISA GB will be taking into account.

Requests for consideration must be made via e-mail and sent to IISA-GB@outlook.com

Confirmation of submission will be made via e-mail and this will be proof of receipt of request.

Any appeals following decision by IISA GB will be forwarded to IISA International Board for consideration.